Vettel too confindent? “I can win this race”

Asked what he can do on Sunday, Vettel said anything is possible: “You never know, just look outside! Obviously when it starts to rain here – and there’s always a high chance – it can mix up things,” he stated.

“I think it was an interesting qualifying session and the car felt good in both dry and wet conditions at the end. I’m reasonably happy and also the long runs look good on practice days, so we should be in good shape, but we know that they [Mercedes] are difficult to beat.

“That’s ultimately why we turn up – trying to win, so we will see what we can do tomorrow. Maybe it looks like we are a little bit closer here, but we will have to wait and see I guess.”

Pressed on his prospects for race day, he added: “We should have a good car. I think we had a decent Friday and we have done our homework. Obviously now we see what we can do to prepare for the race – obviously we can’t touch the cars – but the balance was pretty good for qualifying and on Friday, as I said, was quite pretty solid.

“Obviously we will be looking after the tyres and I know this race can be a difficult one on tyres and you never know with the rain; there is always a chance and it could mix things up.

“Starting where we do I think we have a decent chance to do well tomorrow and we could be up for anything,” the German underlined.