Vettel: “I felt like driving a vacuum cleaner”

Organisers of the Australian Grand Prix are furious with Formula 1′s new low volume engine sounds, which simply lack the wow factor of previous generation power units.

Even some of the sport’s stalwarts were alarmed in Melbourne when the 22 cars purred towards the first corner in Melbourne on Sunday.

“At first I said ‘Just take out your earplugs, it’s the same as before’,” triple world champion Lauda told the German broadcaster RTL.

“But I have to honestly say I was slightly disappointed today on television, especially at the start. Simply something was missing,” he added.

“Before,  [the sound] was right down to the marrow. We need to get used to it but it has lost some of its attraction,” said Lauda.

See and listen the comparison:

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  1. Post By GoldStandard

    before this weekend, I had thought that ‘the noise question’ was just people complaining for no reason.
    Now…. I must say that this sound was a shock.
    Higher RPM would surely help.

    1. Post By Ferrari

      Yes indeed! 🙁

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