Very important for Play F1 Manager competitors!

Kimi Raikkonen was removed from the first group and he was replaced with the occupant of the first place from the second group,Mark Webber, which in turn  was replaced from the second group with the occupant of the first place from the third group, which basically is the ninth in the pilots ranking , the first in the third value group was Jenson Button. We will proceed this way through the last group .

Starting tonight Kovalainen will be in the last group . So all the teams must be rebuilt . If Mark Webber is selected in the second group , and you let it selected, you will not receive any point. If you choose another pilot instead of him ,Mark Webber may be selected only from the first group.

On this moment all the groups are in order except the last one where Kimi Raikkonen appears. Kimi is going to be replaced ,later this evening, by Heikki Kovalainen.

If you have any questions or something is unclear please feel free to ask any questions regarding this.