Rosberg: “Hamilton he has his strengths and weaknesses”

Rosberg is not letting his team-mate’s past experience get to him. He told Sportal: “It’s not a concern for me. It might help him, yes, quite possibly having those experiences. But it’s not something that I am concerned about. I’m focused on my own thing. He is a strong competitor, he has his strengths and weaknesses, but I concentrate on doing my job with my team and getting the most out of it.”

And although the pressure is undoubtedly mounting given what is at stake, 29-year-old Rosberg says he is relishing the opportunity that Mercedes have given him.

“At the moment, I am enjoying the moment more than I ever have in the sport because I get to a race and I have a car where I know I can be on pole and I can win. That’s such a special experience and also this confidence that every race we go to, we have this dominant car. That just increases the enjoyment factor even more. That’s the overwhelming thing at the moment and, thankfully, my mind is just focused on the moment. Trying to win [at] Monza was all I was thinking about: getting a good qualifying and a good start and everything. It didn’t work out and now I look forward to Singapore. I’m going to go out there very optimistic and out there to win, not just to get some points.”