Raikkonen about his relation with Alonso: “I think it’s more or less what I expect”

“I think it’s more or less what I expect,” Raikkonen said. “I try to put effort in sorting my own things out and being happy with things, and then I’m sure if we’re happy we can get the results we want. That’s really the aim, to sort out the issues we have and try to improve things overall.

“I haven’t really put too much effort to see [what he’s up to]. Obviously I look at the lap times and data, but it’s not really anything out of what I expected. He has more points than me but there are many races for that and it’s not something I am looking at right now. I’m trying to sort my own stuff out and once we get to a point where I’m happy with the car we will get the results and be where we want to be and where we should be.”

Ferrari have slow pace compared to the Red Bull but Raikkonen is confident they will be there. “They have been looking strong over the test and the first few races, but we have some big gains that will come. I don’t know, from my point I am quite far from the points but that can all change, especially with the new rules with only two races done. We try to do the best that we can and improve, but it’s not easy to catch up with them.”

“We don’t give up and we know what we have to improve and I’m sure that we are going to get there. It’s a lot of hard work and we need some time, but unfortunately it doesn’t help in F1 when you have races weekend after weekend. It’s hard to catch up but I think we have already done a lot of good things, improved a lot of things and fixed a lot of things. I’m sure we will get there, but if it will be too late for the championship, I don’t know.”