Q&A with the FIA on team radio restrictions

FIA is to restrict pit-to-car radio messages which include information about car or driver performance. GPUpdate.net put some key questions to the governing body to clear up what will and will not be permitted from Singapore.

Q: Will race control first give a warning if a team goes too far, or will there be an instant sanction?
A: With a clear set of guidelines, we see no reason for there to be warnings.

Q: Does Article 20.1 of the Sporting Regulations (stating that a driver must drive the car alone and unaided) only apply to the race or also to practice sessions and qualifying?
A: It will apply to the entire event.

Q: Is the message that a driver should come in for a pit-stop a breach of the regulations?
A: We think that it would be OK to allow teams to tell drivers when to stop for tyres.

Q: Is a warning that the driver is tight on fuel consumption a breach of the regulations?
A: Yes, we believe so. The driver should see that on the dashboard (like a fuel gauge on a road car). *

Q: Are warnings about the condition of the brakes or tyres (slow puncture) still allowed?
A: No, this should be displayed to the driver from data gathered onboard, again like a fuel gauge on a road car.

Q: Are commands such as SOC 3, MIX 5, FUEL 2 still allowed?
A: No, definitely not. This is exactly what we feel infringes Article 20.1.

Q: What about all of the instructions the drivers receive on a formation lap in order to warm up the tyres and brakes, synchronise the gearbox, carry out burnouts and so on?
A: None of this would be allowed as again, this is exactly what we feel infringes Article 20.1.

Q: What about team orders (overtake, do not overtake)?
A: This should be OK.

Q: What about information regarding traffic in qualifying and the race?
A: This will not be a problem.

Q: Will the radio messages of all 22 cars be checked, or just those on the world feed?
A: We listen to and record all the conversations.

* Not all the teams race with the new, larger LCD display screens – such as Red Bull, Williams and Lotus – meaning they would have to consider switching or face leaving their drivers with less information)