Mercedes uses all engine tokens for Italian GP

Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton will switch to their third power unit of the season at Monza, and it has incorporated changes that take up all seven of the tokens the team had at its disposal.

But rather than the approach being a bid to maximise its power potential for the Italian Grand Prix, the move is more aimed at giving it a head start for 2016 development.

It is understood that a majority of the developments introduced are part of a development direction that the team wants to adopt for next season, so fast-tracking them into this season’s engine will give it further scope to improve for next year.

Introducing the changes now will also allow it to track test new products from fuel and lubricant supplier Petronas that it is hoped will help it maintain its edge at the front of the grid.

The changes are limited to the main works team for now, although it is possible that customers Williams, Lotus and Force India may have access to the developments later in the campaign.

Honda used some engine tokens at the Belgian Grand Prix, while Ferrari has also been considering using some for this weekend’s race in Italy.

Remaining tokens

Mercedes: 0
Honda: 4
Renault: 12
Ferrari: 10