Massa: Suzuka the ‘worst race of my life’

Felipe Massa has described Jules Bianchi’s crash at the Japanese Grand Prix as his worst experience in Formula One; even more so than his life-threatening accident at Hungary in 2009.

Massa suffered a fractured skull in Budapest when a loose spring from Rubens Barichello’s Brawn struck his head during qualifying, though he has no memory of the incident itself. Bianchi suffered severe brain trauma after colliding with a recovery vehicle at Suzuka, aquaplaning off the circuit in conditions Massa said had left him screaming fir the race to be finishes early.

During a sombre press conference in Sochi ahead of the Russian Grand Prix, Massa confessed Suzuka was the most negative experience in his racing career.

“For me I think it was the worst race of my life,” Massa said. “It was a really bad race, worse than the race of my accident because I didn’t remember anyway – so it was the worst race of my life. It’s so difficult to be thinking about him every day, thinking about Jules. It was a very difficult day for all of us; maybe tomorrow it will be better because at least you are working, at least you have something to think about and put inside your brain. I tried to race and do the best we can for him and his family. Anyway, it was the worst race of my life.”

Despite the events of Suzuka, Massa explained why it has not changed his desire to get behind the wheel and race this weekend in Sochi.

“For sure you think about it but it doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. What I love to do is to race, what I love to do is compete. That’s where I feel happiness, that’s where I feel pleasure. We know what we are doing has risk but it’s what I like to do. It gives me motivations and happiness, sometimes you think about it but then you understand this is my work, this is what I like to do.”