Magnussen drops 6 places after penalty

Kevin Magnussen has been moved down to 12th in the final classification for the Belgian Grand Prix after being given a 20-second time penalty.

The McLaren driver had the time added to his finishing position after the stewards ruled he “forced car 14 (Fernando Alonso)  off the track between turns four [Raidillon] and five [Les Combes].”

“The driver of car 20 [Magnussen] was defending his position on the straight between turns four and five,” the stewards noted. “A significant portion of car 14 was alongside car 20.”

“The driver of car 20 did not leave enough space for car 14 and forced the car off the track.”

Magnussen was also awarded two penalty points on his licence, giving him a total of four, which is the most any driver has at the moment

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  1. Post By GoldStandard

    Now we’re just waiting to see what punishment is handed out to Rosberg.

    But…… OMG……. what is it like amongst the mechanics now?
    What is going down at team Mercedes?

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