Lowe: F1 this year is about adopting and stretching innovative technologies aggressively

Now firmly entrenched as boss of Mercedes Formula 1 technical department, Paddy Lowe took time off to speak about the challenges of the new season with particular emphasis on the new rules and new V6 turbo engine.

How significant is the change in technical regulations for the 2014 season?
Paddy Lowe: For 2014 we have probably the greatest change in regulations in Formula One history. The headline is ‘efficiency’. The fact that we can run a full race on 100kg rather than 150kg of fuel sends a great message about the technology we can deliver for Formula One – and gives an important message to the automotive world in general. It’s not simply about the fuel saved per car on a Sunday afternoon, it’s about the technology itself. Over the years, we have seen how relatively small things filter through to the production world, not just in terms of the cars themselves but also what is seen as attractive. We are part of that and it is what Formula One should be doing. It’s a great opportunity for Mercedes-Benz and PETRONAS to take those regulations and show we can do better than our competitors. The coming weeks will tell if we have managed that or not

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