How F1′s Energy Recovery System (ERS) will work in 2014

Over the past three seasons we have become used to the Kinetic Energy Recovery System, allowing drivers the choice of when they used the additional 6.7 seconds of power from the 60kW (80.5 bhp) motor generator unit. We have seen some drivers using this boost strategically to fend off attempted DRS passes, or to successfully pass drivers in unexpected places.

For next season this changes dramatically. There are two motor generator units, a 120kW (161 bhp) Motor Generator Unit – Kinetic (MGU-K) much the same as this seasons KERS unit, but double the power, and a Motor Generator Unit – Heat (MGU-H). This latter unit is unspecified in term of power and is connected to the single turbo charger (pressure charging system). The rules specify a single compressor, and so this is likely to be large to give maximum boost. Unfortunately this comes with a penalty of turbo lag. While the Rally Cars solved this problem in the 1990’s by pumping unburned fuel into the exhaust and igniting it to keep the turbo spinning, this solution is click here for more