Have Lotus done due diligence or at least a Google search on Ijaz Mansoor?

So who are Quantum Motorsport? Arguably they’ve been one of this Formula 1 season’s biggest and most mysterious behind-the-scenes stories. Since June, they’ve been positing themselves as a saviour of sorts for the Lotus F1 team – a wealthy group that would infuse much needed cash into a top flight team with lofty ambitions.

Well, after months of waiting, and many false starts in the deal getting done, the feeling began to sink in that perhaps there was something fishy about Quantum. Why is it that they are adamant that the negotiations are complete but money flow to Lotus has not materialised? It’s a simple question that has continually gone unanswered.

I decided to do some research of my own, as reporting about the nature of Quantum hadn’t been forthcoming. No article about this Lotus deal seemed to go past the surface level and actually look at the parties involved. The most recent news from the Quantum camp was: “The deal is a go, we did all our paperwork, sign Nico Hulkenberg.” Now, just prior to the Brazilian Grand Prix, the money is apparently still not forthcoming.

So, even though Quantum is a mysterious consortium of alleged wealthy individuals, only one member of the group is readily identifiable, and he seems to be the spokesperson for the group – Mansoor Ijaz.

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