Ferrari suffers from serious errors of vision – Costa

Former Ferrari technical director Aldo Costa says some of the blame for Ferrari’s current failings should be put at the feet of president Luca di Montezemolo.

Costa was the man given the daunting task of replacing Ross Brawn as technical director for Ferrari but was sacked in 2011, and has since moved across to work for Mercedes. Costa thinks Ferrari’s current problems stem from a multitude of errors made over a long term period.

“Strategic mistakes were made – I’m talking here about errors of vision – very serious ones,” Costa told leading Italian F1 journalist Leo Turrini. “And of course they haven’t always taken the best decisions regarding people. I’ll give you an example: In 2008 we in the racing department put in a request to construct a new wind tunnel. We considered it essential to remain competitive. We were told that this was not the case and that there was no need.