F1 set for team radio clampdown in 2015

F1 team bosses discussed the matter during an F1 Strategy Group meeting last weekend in Monza, and believe fans dislike the constant help drivers receive from the pit wall which makes them seem like ‘puppets’ following commands.

Team radio won’t be banned as a whole, as it’s understood some radio messages add to the excitement, but those which help performance will fall under Article 20.1 of F1’s Sporting Regulations which states that: “The driver must drive the car alone and unaided.”

What information will be banned is also set for clarification, but it’s believed radio calls such as: “your team-mate is faster through corners A, B and C,” and “try saving ERS boost for a specifc part of the track, then attack,” would be considered illegal as it gives drivers information they wouldn’t necessarily have without radio contact.

Speaking to Autosport, McLaren racing director Eric Boullier believes it will be better for the sport going forward.

“FOM could switch it off, or filter it. But at the end, why not go with another rule that is going to make it simpler and let the driver express himself a bit more on track? It is better, of course.”