Button admits McLaren decision could end his F1 career

Jenson Button has acknowledged that McLaren’s deliberations over its 2015 lineup could leave him without an alternative. McLaren boss Eric Boullier, however, is giving absolutely nothing away in Singapore.

“Wait for the decision and the announcement,” he told reporters. Button agreed: “Patience is a virtue — you all should be patient.”

Boullier and Button’s comments might be interpreted to mean that a decision has now been taken, and that the new policy of silence could mean an imminent announcement is pending.

But Button said: “There is still no answer.”

And the 34-year-old admitted that the delay could compromise his entire F1 career. “I think most (other) cockpits are already taken,” he said.

So if McLaren does turn to someone else, Button could be left with the music stopped and little desire to accept whatever chairs are left vacant.

“I want to drive for a competitive team, otherwise as a world champion it would make little sense to keep going.

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  1. Post By GoldStandard

    Let’s hope not!
    JB has been badly let down by his cars, these past few seasons; though to be fair, ‘qualification’ has never been his strong suit, and he’s had to make it up on race day……. However that has always made a good spectacle. His ability to overtake cars and ‘dice’ around the circuit, is great to watch.
    Does he have another season in him?
    I would say he does……. primarily because he is one of the fittest sportsmen on the planet……. in recent tests he showed the fastest ever ‘reaction tests’ with unheard of accuracy at 100%.
    Add to this all his experience, and I would suggest he would be the ideal candidate to ring in the new Honda era.

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