Boullier: “For a driver, that means having a fast car…”

Seven years after the Spaniard left the team following a solitary year in their employment, McLaren are believed to be vying with Red Bull to sign the Spaniard for next season. While Red Bull have won four successive titles, and remain the only team to beat Mercedes to victory this term, McLaren haven’t won a race since 2012 and are just sixth in the Constructors’ Championship.

But an upbeat Boullier, who says that Alonso’s unhappiness with Ferrari is an open secret in the paddock, is adamant that McLaren’s renewal of vows with Honda – their partners during their era of dominance two decades ago – could persuade Alonso to follow suit.

Asked by Sky Sports News HQ if he felt McLaren are a more attractive proposition heading into 2015 than Red Bull, Boullier replied: “I think we are for many reasons. In any negotiations you want to be in the dominant position and to be in the dominant position we need to be an attractive team.

“For a driver, that means having a fast car. Everyone knows that to be potentially a World Champion, you need to be a works team and we will be one of three works teams on the grid next season with our new engine partner and that will be a game changer. McLaren will be back and winning with our new engine partner. We will become a very attractive team today, even if we don’t have a fast car we are on the way to recovering this.”

McLaren are believed to have already held talks with Alonso and Boullier added: “Everybody knows he is maybe unhappy at Ferrari, but he is contracted to Ferrari so they have to sort out their issues. We would consider him – I’m not saying we would choose him.”

Yet having pursued Alonso for the last two years, it seems inconceivable that McLaren would turn down the their former driver if he became available with Jenson Button set to make way if Alonso returns.

Asked about Button’s prospects, Boullier replied: “He is very considered to stay with us but we are not decided yet and we have not signed anything.”

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  1. Post By Nondi Ploom

    It appears that it’s not only Honda, but next year’s Aero man as well that tipped the scale in McLaren’s favor.

  2. Post By GoldStandard

    The fact that McHonda is the only game in town…… may well have had something to do with it!
    The deal is likely already done…. methinks we’re just waiting to see who his partner will be.
    My money is on JB…….. the Honda history…… the big Japan connection….. the experience he’ll bring to setting up the car….. and the fact that JB is still driving well with almost double KM’s points.
    I would have thought it sensible to keep him….. prove the car….. and then replace him for 2016 with the best of the available crop.
    We’ll find out soon enough.

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