Alonso: “You are just flying and then you see the sky, the ground, the sky, the ground and you don’t know”

“I’m fine,” he told Spanish reporters after checking out of the medical centre at Albert Park.

The McLaren-Honda had rolled and flipped after striking the rear of Esteban Gutierrez’s Haas at full speed in the braking zone for turn 3. “As I was so close I lost the braking point,” he said.

“I’m fine,” Alonso added. “Considering everything I’m disappointed about not finishing the race and scoring points, and also for the destruction of the car and probably losing the power unit.”

Alonso crash 2

As for any injuries, Alonso got the green light from the medical staff to not even bother with further checks in hospital.

“I feel fine physically but everything hurts a little because you move around so much at those speeds. The knee is what bothers me most as it hit the steering column but I feel very lucky. “It was a scary moment and I’m happy that I can stand here. I am very grateful and would like to express my gratitude to the FIA for the safety standards. It’s the only reason I’m still alive,” Alonso added.

Alonso crash 3

He said he does not blame Gutierrez, the Mexican who made his return to F1 racing on Sunday after a year as Ferrari tester. “No, I do not see him to blame as we were fighting on the track. I tried to take advantage of the slipstream as well as possible, swerving out at the last moment,” said Alonso. “It may be that I was too late.”

“You are not exactly aware where you are,” said Alonso. “You are just flying and then you see the sky, the ground, the sky, the ground and you don’t know. When I stopped I saw a little space to get out of the car and I went out quickly just to make sure that people at home were not too worried about me. Then I didn’t know where I was because I was so far from the track.”


“I said ‘I’ve travelled a lot when I was flying!’. “Everything [felt like it] happened slower than [it looked on] the outside. “You want to stop and it doesn’t stop, it keeps going and going and going. It was quite scary.”