Active suspension could return to F1 – report

F1 could bring back highly-sophisticated ‘active suspension’ to cut costs.

Reporting from Shanghai, Telegraph correspondent Daniel Johnson said the idea is among a draft proposal by the FIA after teams blocked Jean Todt’s plans for a budget cap.

Active suspension was banned after Williams utterly dominated in 1993, but bringing it back could cut costs by making it easier and cheaper to set up today’s complex cars.

Johnson said every car would by 2017 be fitted with ‘FIA standard active suspension’, and along with other benefits it could mean teams could function without as many staff at Grands Prix.

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  1. Post By Nondi Ploom

    FIA: Working toward ‘cookie-cutter’ cars. F-1 has gone downhill since the days of the 8, 12, &16 cylinder engines, the 6-wheel cars, etc.

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