Wolff: ‘It is fantastic for the sport to have such a finale’

Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg will arrive in Abu Dhabi next weekend battling for the championship after a year of Mercedes dominance. Hamilton leads Rosberg by 17 points, but with double points on offer he has to finish in the top two to make sure he wins the title. Meanwhile, Rosberg will be aiming for victory in the hope Hamilton finishes third or lower.

Nevertheless, Wolff is sure that whoever loses this year will get another shot at the title in the years to come and drew a comparison with 1984 when Niki Lauda won his third title by half a point over Alain Prost.

“Of course, there will be bitter disappointment for one of them and great joy for the other,” Wolff said. “While it won’t be apparent to them at the time, both have long careers ahead of them and they have proven their credentials for the years to come. You only have to look back to such great battles as that of Lauda and Prost in 1984 to see what can be achieved. This was the last title for Niki, who won that year, and Prost was defeated in that battle.But he then went on to win four Championships before he retired. A top driver always has the ability to engineer another opportunity and both our boys have proven themselves to be just that: top drivers.”

Wolff said it was up to Mercedes to ensure the pair have a fair fight.

“It is now down to us to ensure that this fascinating year concludes in the right way by giving Lewis and Nico a platform to settle the title purely on the track. It is fantastic for the sport to have such a finale in what has been one of the great seasons of Formula One. I for one cannot wait to watch the race in Abu Dhabi and I’m sure those at home feel the same. May the best man win!”