What’s up with Kimi?

Kimi Raikkonen is popular; we know this.

The reservoir of goodwill that he can draw on his deep and plentiful, much more so than that of any other driver in modern F1. Criticism of him can be slow to manifest. To borrow from what Philippe Auclair once said of Michel Platini: to question him is something like walking into a Greenpeace convention wearing a ‘Dolphins are bastards’ T-shirt.

Probably Kimi is particularly grateful for all of this right now, as in recent weeks things haven’t gone too well for him. In the Japanese race he finished a mere 37 seconds after his team mate Romain Grosjean – he wasn’t just pipped in other words – and without much in the way of mitigating circumstance to explain the difference.

Moreover Suzuka made click here for more