Vettel vents his anger at Rosberg during conference

Sebastian Vettel took the opportunity during the post-qualifying press conference to vent his anger at Nico Rosberg, face-to-face, after accusing the Mercedes driver of blocking him.

Vettel claimed Rosberg had slowed ahead, which meant he caught Rosberg during his hot-lap, but the spray from the Mercedes blinded him which caused him to miss out on the apex of the corner.

“Nico couldn’t see much in his mirrors, I guess,” said Vettel during the conference. “Obviously I was on a flying lap and Nico was preparing his hot lap, if that’s correct, and not much happened.

“Obviously I was pissed off at the time because… sorry, I was angry at that time, at that moment because I turned into turn 12 not knowing where to turn in because I couldn’t see anything. The lap was lost but equally I think there was another car in front of Nico…”

Rosberg however claimed it wasn’t him, leading the pair to debate the matter further.

“I don’t think that was me,” said Rosberg, before Vettel added: “No? So then it was Lewis [Hamilton]. I think it was a Mercedes.”

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