“Time for me to quit, then?” Vettel hit back

Daniel Ricciardo is enjoying the moment as he shows a clean pair of heels to F1’s reigning quadruple world champion.

Vettel performed better with a new chassis in Spain, amid reports the team had discovered the German’s original RB10 was ‘distorted’.

Chief engineer Paul Monaghan, however, played down those reports.

“No one error can be considered an entire explanation and requires further work to that completed prior to and within the Spanish GP,” Reuters quotes him as saying. “It’s a good feeling to be making Sebastian work for his money,” Ricciardo joked to Germany’s Sport Bild.

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  1. Post By Nondi Ploom

    How interesting to learn—as an aside to another article—that Suzie Wolff out-paced Seb. That suggests that the media is “a’gin her”—as some of us in the U.S. say.

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