The drama and the dark horse

Mercedes is currently under immense pressure by not only the media, but their own drivers. This is mainly because of what happened during the Belgian GP when Nico Rosberg hit teammate Lewis Hamilton, puncturing his left rear tyre and ruining his race.

This gave Rosberg some breathing room over his teammate in terms of points. The lead is up to 30 markers, which took one DNF on Nico’s part and a few wins by Lewis to catch up when a similar gap existed earlier this season. With their issues, Red Bull’s star driver could jump in and potentially steal the show. No, we’re not talking about Sebastien Vettel here. We mean Daniel Ricciardo.

While all this drama is being played out between both Rosberg and Hamilton, they could be blind-sided by the hard-charging Aussie who has capitalized every time the Mercedes team has stumbled. Ricciardo is just hiding in the shadows, ready to pounce at every Grand Prix.

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