Stevenage councillors unhappy with Hamilton’s comments

A number of local councillors have hit out at Lewis Hamilton following comments he recently made about the town where he was born and grew up.

Speaking ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix weekend, the Mercedes driver suggested that teammate Nico Rosberg had enjoyed a more privileged upbringing, being the son of a world champion, and therefore lacked the hunger to really fight for the title.

Pointing to the fact that Rosberg grew up in Monaco, Hamilton said that Stevenage, where he grew up, was “not a great place”. Whilst some claimed the comments had been taken out of context, the Briton repeated them over the course of the weekend, much to the annoyance of councillors in the Hertfordshire town which was recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086.

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  1. Post By Nondi Ploom

    Is anyone ever accused Hammy of having any ‘class’ at all, they were wrong.

  2. Post By GoldStandard


  3. Post By master

    Dont need clash to make cash…i like that.

  4. Post By master


  5. Post By Groot

    This is a good one, Hamilton, the under-privileged child was the reason of being “hungry for victory”! Ha-ha-ha! I shouldn’t be surprised. This is what Hamilton does: He forgets that he is what he is now not only because he has talent and he worked, but also because some people and corporations assisted him to grow and refine this talent and gave him opportunities to use it and benefit from it: His parents, teachers, Ron Dennis, McLaren, Mercedes, etc. Every now and again, between well chosen PR sentences, he says something negative about these people, showing how he really thinks: How badly all these people “held him behind”, impeding his progress and hurting “his legacy”. First “bad guy” was his father. Then it was Ron Denis and McLaren. It seems the time has come to take it on the town where he grew up. Now that he is a celebrity and stinking rich, nothing is good enough for Hammy. Just imagine how many more race and championships he would have won, how much more cash, how many more diamond earrings, tattoos, paddock access permits for dogs and celebrity girlfriends he would have had already if his father or former team principal were simply not involved in his life or if they were better men. This is how I read Hammy’s attitude. Everything would have been easier for Hammy if his father (who has been a wealthy man) was even richer and his home town was more bling when Hammy was a child. Any normal man would think he was bloody lucky to grow up in a wealthy family in Stevenage! It may be less glamorous than Monaco and less luxurious than Dubai, but Stevenage seems a very good place for a family with children. It is 1000 times better than a dusty village in Central Africa or in the Asian steppes of the communist USSR! What would his chances to become a Formula 1 driver have been if he had been born there?! But you know, no matter how good their existence is, how much they achieved or progresses at young age, how many other people supported them and how much the chance was on their side, some self entitled guys, like Hamilton, will always feel that they actually deserve more, that they were held back, discriminated against, that others should have done more and the responsibility for things that did not come out quite the way he wanted lays on others, always, never on him. In other words, life owes him. This is the man who wrote his autobiography at 22 and said that his career with McLaren, the best team of that time with which he won a world championship, was getting detrimental for “his legacy”. This does not sound right. Hamilton may be a fast and talented driver, but he has a lousy character. Remember about “his good friend” Adrian Sutil? I mean former good friend, from the times before Hamilton refused to testify in court and as a result Sutil ended up a year in prison for a bar fight in the Far East. It will be interesting to see how the relationship with his other “good friend” Rosberg evolves.

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