Smaller Formula 1 teams angered by plans to abandon cost cap

Formula 1’s smaller teams have hit out at the way the FIA has been so quick to abandon plans for a cost cap.

Motor racing’s governing body announced last year that a cost cap would come in for 2015, with teams being asked to settle on the scope of the spending limits by June this year.

But after resistance from F1’s biggest teams – who wrote to the FIA to say that a cost cap could not be policed – FIA president Jean Todt revealed last weekend that he had now given up on the idea.

That decision has angered some of the smaller teams, who claim that reigning in costs at a time when many outfits are struggling financially was essential.

Sauber team principal Monisha Kaltenborn said she could not comprehend why the FIA’s push for a cost cap had been halted

“As a smaller team, I fail to understand why we are going this way when every sport has to be responsible with the way you handle and work your business,” Kaltenborn told AUTOSPORT.