Renault F1 engine facility in Viry – Chatillon “for sale”

The rumours surrounding troubled engine supplier Renault continue to swirl. The French marque had a nightmare race weekend in Austria, beginning with paddock rumours of a split with Red Bull, worsened by yet another failure for Sebastian Vettel, and ending with a stinging rebuke by Christian Horner. “Seven cars in the top ten have a Mercedes engine. That says it all,” said Horner.

Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport cited sources estimating the horse power deficit at between 40 and 70bhp. And with the mandatory engine development ‘freeze’, there is little Renault can do short of arguing to the FIA that the rules should be relaxed so that Mercedes’ rivals have a chance. “That will not happen,” insisted Dr Helmut Marko. “The focus is on next year.”

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  1. Post By Nondi Ploom

    So much for the [long forgotten] promise of bringing “competitiveness” to F-1. The powers to be are blind to the fact that the lack of competitiveness is the reason for the decline in attendance and viewing. Get rid of the STUPID RULES that prohibit competitiveness and the fans will return.

  2. Post By GoldStandard

    I don’t know whether it is as ‘clear cut’ as you make out.

    Viewing figures have declined, in direct relation to dropping ‘free to air’ broadcasting in some countries.

    Attendance at the race track…… in countries with a strong racing background, the primary cause for drop in attendance, is the astronomical price of tickets.

    Are all there a lot of stupid rules that prohibit competitiveness?

    DRS – I remember before DRS, and I would much rather watch a DRS enabled race, than the stately processions of yesteryear.

    General rule changes…….. they mix things up, creating uncertainty.

    It’s a shame that Merc is so far ahead, but at least there is still serious racing going on.

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