Red Bullied: no more “Niki Lauda Kurve” at RBR

Niki Lauda has hit out at Red Bull for dropping his name from a corner at the returning Austrian Grand Prix venue.

Now called the Red Bull Ring, the former A1-Ring was demolished and totally rebuilt by the energy drinks company, and next month it will host its first Grand Prix since 2003.

Prior to the Red Bull takeover, one of the corners at the A1-Ring was called the Niki Lauda Kurve, in honour of the Austrian great and triple world champion.

Now, the same corner has been renamed Pirelli. Also gone is the Gerhard Berger Kurve, replaced by Wurth, a German tool company.

“I’m very disappointed,” Lauda told Kleine Zeitung newspaper.

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  1. Post By GoldStandard

    This seems so churlish.
    What sort of a ‘power trip’ is Dietrich Mateschitz on?

    I guess it’s a sign of having no class.
    … I don’t mean that in the ‘society way’…. more of a plain view that ‘this guy has no class’.

    …and certainly no humility, or sense of ‘self-respect’.

    The ‘bend name’ was earned through racing.
    It was demolished for reasons of personal greed.


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