Red Bull could quit over controversy – Mateschitz

Red Bull could leave Formula 1 if it finds itself at the centre of controversial decisions, such as the one to disqualify Daniel Ricciardo from the Australian Grand Prix.

That is the warning from Austrian owner Dietrich Mateschitz.

The billionaire often states that Red Bull will only leave once the sport no longer makes economical sense from a marketing point of view, however he told the Kurier that “sporting value” and “politics” may also force the brand out.

“The fact is that the federation’s [FIA] sensor has given inaccurate values since the beginning of the [pre-season] tests,” explained the 69-year-old. “We can prove that we were within the limits.

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  1. Post By GoldStandard

    the closer a ‘corporation’ gets to having a single key administrator (autocratic ruler), the more likely personal views will come to the fore (not being pre-processed by a PR team).

    As successful people, their views are often ‘on the money’, but never discount the fact that they can get pissed off because things haven’t gone their way….. especially after a long period where things have always gone their way.

    Spitting dummies, and throwing toys ‘IS’ a fact of life.
    Whether this is the case here…… only those close to DM will know.

    But just as likely, is the alternative scenario:

    A calculated threat, prior to the court hearing.
    ‘If you don’t give me the win….. I will go home, and take my ball with me’

    In either case…. it’s all a bit sad for RBR (and DM).

    Just before a court case; he really should have shown a bit of self-respect.

  2. Post By Play F1 Manager

    We think is just politic stuff … preventive…

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