Red Bull believes F1’s fuel sensor issues are indisputable

Red Bull says that the FIA cannot dispute that there are problems with Formula 1’s fuel sensors, following another failure for the team in the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Just a fortnight after Daniel Ricciardo was disqualified from the season opener in Australia for breaching F1’s fuel-flow limit, the Australian’s fuel sensor broke completely at Sepang on Sunday.

It meant the team had to rely on its own fuel-rail data readings to show its compliance with the regulations, although unlike in Australia this time the FIA accepted this course of action.

Red Bull boss Christian Horner said the ongoing issues his team has faced are frustrating.

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  1. Post By Nondi Ploom

    Why is it, then, that no other team has been unable or unwilling to comply with the regulation as determined by the FIA sensors? It certainly seems to be that RBR tried to cheat and get away with it.

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