Nico Hulkenberg: “First time in my career”

“It’s actually quite a difficult situation,” said the German, referring to reports the Silverstone based team will not have its ‘B’ car up and running until Austria. “We are going to have to wait some time for improvements, so it is a hard time,” Hulkenberg added. “It’s never been like this in my career before.”

Teammate Sergio Perez has already predicted ongoing “pain” for Force India this year, despite the team’s solid season in 2014. Asked to explain the difference, Hulkenberg said: “We basically stopped in the winter and could not develop the car like all the others.”

Indeed, financial and supplier issues after the 2014 season concluded meant this year’s car, the VJM08, was heavily delayed. The team is now facing further delays in introducing much-needed technical improvements to the 2015 car, which will effectively be a ‘B’ version when it sees light of day in late June.

A week before that, Hulkenberg will make his debut at the fabled Le Mans 24 hours as a works Porsche driver. Mexican Perez admitted recently he is struggling for motivation amid the Force India situation.

“We are all racers,” said Hulkenberg, “so what we most like to do is fight for victories. If you can’t do that then at least you want to fight for points, but even that is difficult at the moment. “Even so, we still have one of the best jobs in the world, driving formula one cars. Of course I’m not where I want to be, but you also have to put things in perspective. “There are many drivers who have been in this situation, so how unprofessional would it be if, after one month of the nine, you stick your head in the sand after three races?” he added.