New F1 regulations draw interest from BMW, Ford

The new regulations may have attracted ire from fans but it’s also attracting car manufacturers to potentially return to Formula One.

Honda has already announced that it would make a comeback as an engine supplier to McLaren, and now it has been joined by speculation that BMW and Ford are considering a return as well.

Giancarlo Minardi, founder of the now-defunct Minardi team, said on his website that the “engine revolution that has marked this new era” of F1 has forced BMW to consider its involvement in the sport and may return as early as 2015.

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  1. Post By Nondi Ploom

    I wonder if Ford would tie up with Haas for F-1. Since he’s involved with Chevy, it’s rather doubtful, but it would make sense for Ford to tie up with an existing racing team rather than start from scratch. Of course, the did succeed rather well with their own LeMans effort!

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