Montezemolo to Marchionne: ‘He’ll be asking me to come back in a few months’

Outgoing Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo took part in his final motor show with the company Thursday, doing so with his successor Sergio Marchionne in Paris.

He was showing off the Ferrari 458 Speciale A and also took questions from attending journalists, who were treated with some commedia dell’arte from both Montezemolo to Marchionne.

“Marchionne will realize he already has too much to do and will call me to come back. I’m happy to have a few months off between now and then.”

Marchionne spoke first and discussed the lack of performance from the Ferraris in 2014, saying “When I go to Monza and I see the first six cars on the grid are not Ferrari, my blood pressure pops. Non-winning Ferraris on a race track is not just bad luck … We’ve got to kick some ass on the track and we’ve got to do it quickly.”

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