McLaren to launch legal action against Red Bull

McLaren have confirmed that they will launch legal action against Red Bull in the High Court over an employment dispute.

The Woking team believes it has a legally-binding employment contract for aerodynamicist Dan Fallows to work for them, however Red Bull announced last week that he would return to work for the Milton Keynes based team.

McLaren got its lawyers involved in the matter and, with Red Bull and Fallows providing no answers, they have decided to take the matter to court.

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  1. Post By Nondi Ploom

    ‘ . . . very serious questions as to that team’s integrity and sense of fair play.’

    Ron, it doesn’t have any.

  2. Post By Glenno

    Ron is having another of his seriously delusional forays. This is an employment agreement dispute between Fallows and McLaren. Red Bull is not a party of the contract / agreement in dispute, so there is no chance of ‘legal action against Red Bull” that will have a snow ball’s chance in Hell of being found ‘proven’. Ron could potentially sue Fallow for ‘actual damages’, but I guess that’s not the money pot.

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