Mateschitz renews attack on ‘new’ F1

Dietrich Mateschitz, Red Bull’s low profile team owner, has renewed his attack on the new face of formula one.

The Austrian billionaire has already been highly critical of the sport’s radical new rules for 2014, featuring turbo V6 engines and restrictions on the use of fuel.

Now, he has told Salzburger Nachrichten newspaper: “We have a plethora of regulations, restrictions, rules, penalties.

“It used to be about ‘who is fastest wins’. To say that I am sympathetic to the displeasure of the fans is an understatement.

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  1. Post By Groot

    Well, last year the drivers could not go flat out either, because the tyres did not last. It was also more matter of managing resources than to go as fast as the car could go. I did not hear Mateschitz expressing his sympathy for the fans last year, when Red Bull were winning most of the time. Now that they are a second per lap slower than the winning team, he is getting all worried about the fans. So much hypocrisy… As for the Finger-Boy ace, his recover in Spain was due to the second best car after Mercedes. Watch Daniel Ricciardo: He will take Finger-Boy to the cleaners this year.

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