Lauda wants re-think after decade of F1 revolution

77 major technical and sporting rule changes since 2005, according to Auto Motor und Sport.

Niki Lauda has proposed a sweeping review of every rule change in Formula One for the past decade.

For some, the all-new era of quiet turbo V6 engines was the final straw that broke the floodgates of fierce criticism.

The German magazine says it counts 77 major technical and sporting rule changes since 2005, including to qualifying, points, tyres, spare cars, long-life engines, traction control, testing, KERS, DRS, bodywork, team orders, exhausts, diffusers, and many more.

Lauda said: “We should do a rule-by-rule check of what every change brought to us — what made sense, what did not.”

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  1. Post By GoldStandard

    Really too much whining and whinging going on in F1 at the moment.
    Clearly there has been a negative reaction, understandably so, to the new ‘noise’ of F1 motors……
    However, there can be no doubt that we’ve had some amazing seasons lately.
    How long ago was it when different drivers were winning at each of the first 7 races?
    That was 2012.
    Even 2013 up to Hungary was a good mix.
    Every rule change provides opportunity.
    The FRICS change was clearly another method of mixing things up.

    For me, it wasn’t necessary – I was quite happy to watch Nico and Lulu battle it out….. and to see who were the runners up.

    A review of the rules is fine…… but don’t you think that Mercedes is only questioning this, because they were winning everything before the removal of FRICS.

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