Immediate success unlikely for Vettel at Ferrari – Lauda

Sebastian Vettel’s move to Ferrari may be good for the Italian team, but not so good in the short term for the reigning world champion.

That is the claim of F1 legend Niki Lauda, who despite being Mercedes’ team chairman admitted that news German Vettel is leaving Red Bull caught him by surprise at Suzuka.

“It is a new beginning for Ferrari after years of crisis,” Lauda insisted. “It is like Schumacher – now they have a four-time world champion that everyone can look up to.”

But it will take time for the partnership to work, he warned.

Asked if Vettel can now challenge for the title in red, Lauda answered: “Probably not. It will take longer than that for them to have a car good enough.”

He also does not understand why Ferrari and Vettel have not still not announced their obvious new partnership officially.

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  1. Post By Nondi Ploom

    They haven’t announced it because it isn’t official yet, and won’t be unless Alonso ‘officially’ leaves the Scuderia.

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