If you can’t afford to be in F1 you shouldn’t be there – Ecclestone

Bernie Ecclestone has issued a stinging warning to struggling F1 teams. Amid all the noise about the urgent need for cost cutting, the sport’s chief executive insists he has no fear that some teams are facing financial collapse.

“I do not fear it,” he told Kleine Zeitung newspaper. “I would even be happy about it. It’s like a poker game — you don’t know what the others hold in their hands. If you can’t afford to be in this game, you should not be here,” Ecclestone added.

The 83-year-old Briton made clear he is much more worried about other things, like the lack of noise from the new V6 engines, and certain rules. “It’s ridiculous,” he says, “what drivers are being punished for — like driving over a white line. These are all drivers who don’t need rules like that. We need rules like we had in the past,” added Ecclestone.

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    Bernie’s got his billions and couldn’t care less about all the others.

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