‘I was playing around with the switches’ – Raikkonen

Kimi Raikkonen said his crash during qualifying for the Australian Grand Prix was on a slowing down lap and caught him by surprise, but that there was no major.damage to his Ferrari.

Raikkonen hit the wall coming out of Turn 3 at the end of Q2 in the rain, and will begin Sunday’s race from 11th position. But he played down the incident, and believes his grid position reflects his competitiveness at the moment.

“I was just playing around with the switches or something and got a little bit of wheelspin and touched the wall,” Raikkonen said. “It was just one mistake. I just got a little bit of wheelspin. I wasn’t pushing anymore anyhow but just got wheelspin. I just couldn’t catch it. That didn’t change the fact that we would not have gone through anyhow.

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2 comentarii

  1. Post By GoldStandard

    Kimi is so at ease with himself.

    I was just playing around with the switches (pissing myself laughing).
    They clearly have had so little time to test the cars that Kimi doesn’t even know what each switch does LOL.

    “Now if I push this button….. I wonder what will happen……(BANG)….. oh shit!…. I’ve binned it.”


  2. Post By Play F1 Manager

    Strange. Usually he is not looking for excuses.

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