Heavy drivers deliberately dehydrating – Button

Are F1 drivers deliberately dehydrating?

“I am sure they are dehydrating themselves because that is what I was going to do — go in a sauna, steam room, not drink or eat until after qualifying,” he is quoted by the Mirror newspaper. “I was going to do it and did all year until now, but it is a shame for the guys who have to do it.” Button admitted he has “luckily” managed to get his weight down to a point at which he is no longer worried about the sport’s 692kg car-plus-driver minimum.

“It’s hardcore what people are doing,” confess Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton. “You can go into qualifying a little bit dehydrated. I heard someone was doing that, exhausting themselves,” he added. Button admit that, until he got his weight down, he was not eating any carbohydrates, including bread.

Hamilton concluded: “You don’t want drivers being anorexic.”

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  1. Post By Nondi Ploom

    That the weight includes the driver is sheer stupidity

    1. Post By Ferrari

      I agree.

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