Hamilton unsure of FIA stance after Spa

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton admits that he is unsure of governing body the FIA’s stance when it comes to racing limits after his clash with team-mate Nico Rosberg at the recent Belgian Grand Prix.

There have been suggestions that the FIA should have opened an investigation into the incident after Hamilton’s claims that Rosberg admitted to deliberately hitting him as they fought for the lead, and the German’s apology.

But with no action being taken, Hamilton feels there are question marks as the pair attempt to move on.

“I think the FIA have a really tough job and, particularly over the last couple of years, they have done an exceptional job on the majority of the calls,” said Hamilton during Thursday’s press conference at Monza.

“Their problem is that the scenario is always different so the same rule doesn’t always apply exactly. Sometimes it is difficult to say which rules apply to what situation. It is a good question. How do we move forward from that?

“Does that mean we can all say we can race a lot closer and if the guy in front comes off and is out of the race nothing will happen? Will they be more relaxed? Or does it mean if it happens again there will be a penalty?

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