Formula 1 team payments revealed

Formula One Management collates revenues from hosting fees, media rights and other streams such as trackside sponsorship and hospitality.

The 2015 total was $965m and this will be distributed across 10 teams through nine monthly payments from April with a final “check” payment – when definitive revenues have been calculated – early in 2017.

The table below details the split, divulged to Autosport in Bahrain, and shows how F1 disproportionately awards its revenues.

Column 1 payments are based on a team’s classification over two of the past three years, while Column 2 payments are based solely on a team’s 2015 classification.

The Column 1 pot is divided equally amongst all qualifying teams with each estimated to earn $33.5m.

Column 2 is calculated on a sliding scale from first to 10th place with first receiving 19 per cent of the fund, sixth 10 per cent and 10th four per cent.

There are constructors’ championship bonus (CCB) payments for four teams – Ferrari, Mercedes, Red Bull and McLaren, which have been agreed in separate deals.

There is also a long-standing team payment for Ferrari and other fixed prize fund payouts such as a heritage bonus for Williams and negotiated payments for Red Bull Racing and Mercedes.

Red Bull receives its extra annual payment for being the first team to sign the current bi-lateral agreement, which runs to 2020, while Mercedes will earn its bonus annually from now on after meeting its agreed target of two world championships.