F1 Brazilian Grand Prix: Hamilton has no fear of losing F1 title

Lewis Hamilton says he doesn’t fear losing the drivers’ championship because has no regrets about the way his season has gone.

Heading in to the penultimate race of the season – this weekend’s Brazilian Grand Prix – Hamilton holds a 24-point lead in the standings. While the double points on offer in Abu Dhabi ensures the title race will go down to the final round, Hamilton said he is relaxed about the final two races having already won 10 races to team-mate Nico Rosberg’s four.

“I don’t have any fears,” Hamilton said. “Honestly, you can look in my eyes, I don’t have any fears. I feel like where I am today is not down to luck. I’m not where I am today by mistake, there are reasons for me being in this team and coming into this team at that time. There are reasons why we have the best car today and why we’ve had the results this year.

“That’s all the hard work that’s gone in and I really think I’ve utilised every experience or opportunity I’ve had this year, or at least recovered if I have not utilised it in qualifying. I feel comfortable and I feel I’ve done everything I can. At the end of the day that’s all you can do, and in these next two races I’m going to do everything I can do, and whatever the result at the end of it, it’s the way it is but I will know I did everything that I could.

“I will go into my winter knowing that I did everything that I could and I won’t look back and say ‘If only I’d done that or this’. That’s a good feeling to have and that’s perhaps why I’m excited to be here and get in the car tomorrow.”

However, Hamilton conceded that he does have some doubts about how to approach the last two races, with a third in Brazil and second in Abu Dhabi enough for him to take the title regardless of what Rosberg does.

“I really don’t know how to plan these next two races. In the previous races before this I have approached it in one way and it’s gone particularly well, so I don’t think I should really be changing my approach. Of course coming into this weekend I want to make sure my engine sees through the whole weekend and the whole car in general.

“There are certain things you learn through the year and you can apply them this weekend. You need to try to be fast and lead the race, but also look after the engine, look after the gearbox and make sure that you bring the car home.

“Do you take less risks? I don’t really feel like I’ve been taking many risks anyway. It’s a slightly different position to where I was before, but you never know what is going to happen this weekend, it could make things difficult for the next one. But having had those experiences in the past, I feel more than ever prepared this time than I was in those experiences.”

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  1. Post By GoldStandard

    Hamilton is at the top of his game.
    He knows where time rests on the track.

    Nico is gonna have a hard time beating him to pole, and a harder time taking the win.
    Let’s hope no mechanical fault destroys the pleasure of this particular battle.
    Likewise Massa.
    He has his own battle in PlayF1, against Alonso……
    ….. and in Brazil, in front of his people….. he now has the car that can deliver him victory over Alonso.
    Can he do it?

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