Dominant Mercedes to lose ‘extreme’ Fric advantage

Lewis Hamilton left Silverstone without making a single comment to the media after testing on Wednesday.

He might have been advised to steer a wide course around the ‘Nico Rosberg is not German’ controversy.

But there could be another issue he – and Mercedes – were keen to swerve.

The FIA’s Charlie Whiting has dropped a bombshell on F1 teams, warning them in writing that systems mimicking illegal active suspension – commonly referred to as ‘Fric’ – probably are in fact illegal.

The concept has become so widespread that it is believed every single 2014 car features it.

“It came as a surprise. It’s not based on any team action,” McLaren team boss Eric Boullier told reporters on Wednesday when asked about Whiting’s intervention.

“It’s an FIA action.”

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