Domenicali: I have found a more mature Kimi, more closely knit to the team

Since last September much has been written about the Ferrari driver pairing for 2014, now team principal Stefano Domenicali explains how he will manage – Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen – already dubbed Fire & Ice, and reveals how the latter has matured over the years.

First Domenicali explained the thinking behind the axing of Felipe Massa and bringing back Raikkonen, “It was a rational choice, based on the need to have an expert driver pairing, with the one aim of it doing well for Ferrari. I hope the track will show that it was the right choice.”

As for the combination of Raikkonen and Alonso, the Ferrari F1 team boss ventured, “How will we manage them? Decisions are always carefully considered, but they always have the same aim, which is that the sporting decisions are taken to reach the team’s goals, as the interest of the team always comes before all else. Decisions we have taken in the past have always been reached in this spirit.”

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