Button: “When Fernando explains how his car is feeling, I understand exactly”

When asked if his approach to the race weekend will be different because his team-mate will be different, Button said: “Yeah. He has less experience in this car but it’s good having another opinion. Sometimes it’s nice having a third opinion on the car and the way it feels. When Fernando explains how his car is feeling, I understand exactly what he means as we’ve worked together for 16 months.”

“With Stoffel, it will be different. I’ve never heard him debrief a car but I’m sure I’ll pick up on it pretty quickly.”

New rules have been brought in this season such as a stricter enforcement on radio communication but Button doesn’t think that will impact Vandoorne.

“He’s never raced in F1 where we have been given every bit of information anyway,” he said. “He’s used to not having the information so it won’t be a massive shock to him. In GP2, he’s not told what to do during the race. He’ll be all right, there’ll be a couple of things which are tricky but they will run through those on Friday and Saturday.”

Button said “it is a shame” Alonso will not be taking part this weekend as “it’s always good to have his input”.

He added: “We all know the reasons he’s not driving.

“After a big accident, there is always the possibility you have an injury and they will take every precaution necessary.”