What could the outcome be in Canada in 2014?

What could the outcome be in Canada in 2014?

Dear F1 Manager readers, below you will find details about the F1 Grand Prix in Montreal, Canada, a race to be held on Sunday, starting with 7 p.m. GMT.

Remember that, for the Canadian Grand Prix, F1 Manager awards the winner of this circuit with IT products worth €100 of his/her choice and a Play F1 Manager T-shirt.


Circuit characteristics Figures
Length of lap 4361m
Number of laps 70
Race distance 305.27km
1st place on the grid leaves from the left side of the circuit
Fastest lap in the race 1’13.622 Rubens Barichello 2004
Maximum speed 309 km/h
DRS zones Two consecutive zones
Distance from the start to the first turn 260m
                Single seater requirements
Maximum acceleration on 72% of the circuit length
The longest period of acceleration 1180
Aerodynamic downforce Average
Speed changes per lap 50
Fuel used per lap 1.6kg
Gain per lap by fuel consumption 0.032s


Most wins: Michael Schumacher – seven.

Tires available: light and superlight.


What could the outcome be?

We’re not saying much, and we are letting the readers speak their minds. Everyone is invited to predict the order within the 5 teams below, and the order of the first three finishers in the race. Everyone who will get the prognosis right will receive a Play F1 Manager T-shirt. Please leave you prognoses in the comments below until the start of qualifications, i.d. Saturday, at 6 p.m. GMT.

F1 Manager: Mercedes, Red Bull, Ferrari, Williams, McLaren.

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  1. Post By edisson britto

    ganador lewis hamilton 2 nico rosberg 3 fernando alonso 4 daniel riccardo y 5 kimmi raikonen

  2. Post By Dave Adamchick

    Hamilton, Rosberg, Alonso

  3. Post By GoldStandard

    Predicting the order within the teams……hmmmmm!

    After Monaco, who would bet against Louis?
    He’s gonna be a man on a mission this weekend, so:
    Hamilton, Rosberg

    After the entire season so far, is Vettel going to string a weekend together?
    Vettel, Ricciardo

    Alonso has had the edge on kimi all season, and it’s set to continue:
    Alonso, Raikkonen

    Massa can race.
    He seems to have had all the bad luck so far.
    His run of bad luck must end at some point (?)
    Massa, Bottas

    JB has consistently outperformed his younger team mate:
    Button, Magnussen

    First three finishers:

    Based upon the news of the new aggressive engine maps, linked to FP1 & FP2 lap times:
    Hamilton, Rosberg, Alonso

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