What could the outcome be in Austria in 2014?

Below you will find the F1 Manager forecast for the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Austria, a race to be held on Sunday starting with 12 G.M.T.

Circuit characteristics Figures
Length of lap 4326m
Number of laps 71
Race distance 307,020km
Fastest lap in the race 1’08.337 Michael Schumacher 2003
Aerodynamic downforce Medium

Tires available: soft and supersoft

The track alternates very slow corners with high-speed sections. Traction and lateral forces ensure a medium to high level of stress for the tyres, especially in turns five and six.
The Red Bull Ring requires maximum downforce, in order to try and generate as much aerodynamic grip as possible on a circuit that has quite a low average speed. The effect of the downforce however is to put greater vertical forces on the cars. This is combined with sideways forces when the car goes round the corner, placing a number of different stresses on the tyres.


Most wins: Mika Hakkinen and Michael Schumacher – two each.

What could the outcome be?

The asphalt is generally very smooth in Spielberg, having been extensively renewed recently. This means that the cars will slide more, especially at the start of the weekend, and this can cause graining if not kept under control.

The tricky aspect of this is that all the major braking areas are uphill, which makes overtaking difficult. The Red Bull Ring is very different in character, with two main straights and mostly sharp corners. As a result, average speeds are generally low, meaning that the cars will have to rely on mechanical grip from the tyres more than aerodynamic downforce

The Austrian circuit has four straight lines, its configuration favouring the Mercedes team, where the fight between Rosberg and Hamilton promises to be a close one, but since the maximum speed will not be high, some surprises may arise.

The Williams team could have a second chance to win if they will be able to better manage the qualifications and use a smarter strategy than the one in Montreal. It’s time for Felipe to come up with a great result, for instance, a place on the podium.

The Red Bull people cannot be content with nothing less than a place on the podium, now that they have achieved their first victory of the season. The world champion Sebastian Vettel is burdened formidably every race in which Daniel Ricciardo get better results than him, so maybe he will manage to run an awesome race. In this race, we think Vettel will be the winner of the team.

If the temperature in Austria will be lower than that in Montreal, the Force India team could again finish the race with only one pit stop, thus obtaining valuable points, although this seems possible only if they will also be aided by the entry of the safety car on the track.

McLaren would be the next team to have a chance to win according to F1 Manager, and not because the team announced major progresses, but because they have a Mercedes engine on the single seater.

Ferrari is sure to sneak above the top 10 with Alonso’s genius, but only depending on circumstances, and Kimi can make a strong comeback, but we still do not see him in front of the Spaniard, not during the qualifications anyway.

Toro Rosso will be in front of the Lotus team, Vergne and Grosjean being the pilots that will defeat their teammates.

The Sauber team should start looking to the future and what they will do next year, that is, if they will still be in Formula 1 …

The Marussia team will again leave behind the Caterham team.

F1 Manager qualifications: Rosberg, Hamilton, Vettel, Massa, Ricciardo.

F1 Manager race: Hamilton, Rosberg, Massa, Hulkenberg, Ricciardo.