What could the outcome be in Spa-Franchorchamps 2014?

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On the Spa-Frachorchamps circuit drivers will run 44 laps, each having 7004m, with a total race distance of 308,052 km .

Full throttle: on 72% of the circuit length.

Gear changes per lap: 45 .

Fuel used per lap: 3.2 kg.

Downforce level: average

Time required for a tyre change: 20 seconds.

The longest period of acceleration: 2015m

Distance from grid to turn one: 265 m

Maximum speed : 324 km / h

Fastest lap: 1:44.503 Jarno Trulli 2009

Most wins : 6 Michael Schumacher

Available tyres: soft and medium

What could the outcome be?

The key to Spa is managing the colossal amount of energy going through the tyres, from every direction. At Eau Rouge, for example, the engines are at maximum power, the cars are travelling at 300kph, and there is a negative compression in the region of 1g, as well as about 5g of lateral force.

This adds up to an unparalleled demand on the tyre structure and shoulder, not seen anywhere else during the year

The medium tyre is a low working range compound, capable of achieving optimal performance even at a wide range of low temperatures – which is often the case at Spa. The soft tyre by contrast is a high working range compound, suitable for higher temperatures. Rain is common at Spa, but there was no rain at the Spa 24 Hours last month or last year’s Belgian Grand Prix either.

The low downforce set-up used for Spa often affects braking. With less force pushing down onto the car as it slows, there is a risk of the wheels locking up, which can lead to tyre damage through flat spots.

The winning strategy last year was a two-stopper, with Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel completing two stints on the medium and a final stint on the hard tyre (which were nominated in 2013) to claim victory from second on the grid. Lotus driver Romain Grosjean finished eighth, stopping only once.

Who made ​​most progress during the summer? There’s no way to know, but we assume that those who have invested the most money.

So, let’s take in order the ‘wealthy’ in Formula 1 and we could say that Mercedes could not help but rest on their oars due to their standings position and to their interest for 2015. Whatever they may keep developing the race car, there is no sense to run at a maximum speed if you have nobody in front of you to leave behind.

Ferrari made a veiledly statement through Alonso that their attention is focused again towards the next season, and Eric Boullier said that by this year McLaren is a laboratory for the next year Honda car.

Red Bull. We expect the ‘Austrians’ record most progress even if it is a circuit that does not help them knowing that the engine Renualt of the RB race cars is slower on the straights.

We would like to see Williams fighting for the pole position of the starting grid and why not for also a good place on the podium, but this seems to be less possible.

Team Force India should run better than it did in the last race and we estimate that Toro Rosso will fight with Lotus. In our opinion Lotus will have a progress that will clearly depart them from the Swiss team Sauber in whose company they have been so far.

Will Caterham be closer to Marussia? It is hard to believe, but in a few days we will find out.

As a setting of the race car at Spa-Franchorchamps there are two variants: the first one is to be fast on the second sector and somewhat slower on the straights of sectors 1 and 3 or vice versa and times they obtain could be the same in both versions.

Prediction F1 Manager for Qualifications: Hamilton, Rosberg, Vettel, Ricciardo, Massa.

Prediction F1 Manager for race: Hamilton, Rosberg, Massa, Vettel and Alonso.

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Start race at Spa-Franchorchamps 1998: