What could happen in India?

What could happen in India?

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On the circuit in India the pilots shall run during the Sunday race 60 laps of 5125m/lap, and the lap from the beginning of the race shall be timed with approximately 1’34.000 under dry circuit conditions and the total distance of the race will amount to 307,5km.

Maximum acceleration: on 64% from the length of the circuit.

Number of gear changes in one lap: 58.

Fuel used per lap: 2,5kg.

Aerodynamic down force: medium.

Time spent at the pit stop for a tire change: 22 seconds.

Fastest lap in a race: 1’27.249 Sebastian Vettel 2011.

Fastest lap in general: 1’27.178 Sebastian Vettel 2011.

Maximum speed: 324,2km/hour James Alguersuari 2011.

The most classifications on pole position: 2 out of 2 Sebastian Vettel.

The most victories: 2 out of 2 Sebastian Vettel

Available tires: medium and soft.

What could there be?

What could there be besides 1st place? No, or not only. For a long time now, that is, since Spa, the Red Bull car is no longer a poor car on straight lines, the statistics witnessing that, at maximum speed on the circuit, it takes the first places, after being last in 2011 and even in 2012.

The circuit in India is fast and Red Bull, through Sebastian Vettel, announce themselves as winners. But as we had a feeling that in Japan we would see such as race, and mostly we did, we think (or actually hope?) that we shall we see something else in this case, too.

Lotus is the team to watch and we say they are the main favorites from the rest. And to be honest, we would like to see them defeat the Mercedes and Ferrari rich folk in the builders’ championship. As Toto Wolff stated, Renault is the main culprit for the increase seen in the two motorized French teams, Renault that came with a different engine mapping, a legal one, but which offers a significant advantage for the two. Of course, this is not the case with the Williams people, who next year will move to Mercedes, and therefore no progress seen with the British team.

Mercedes will likely be faster than Ferrari. They have been in recent races as well, but most of the time they finished behind them. Maybe their bad luck will end in India.

We see Sauber the first from the platoon and again ahead of the McLaren team. We believe that the Swiss team will defeat Force India in the builders’ championship, who are facing Toro Rosso in the race, and not as peers, since the latter are also very fast on straight lines.


Qualifications first 5 (not their order): Hamilton, Vettel, Rosberg, Webber, Grosjean.

Race first 5 (not their order): Raikkonen, Rosberg, Webber, Alonso, Grosjean.

For those who give the correct prognosis before the start of the qualifications on Saturday for the first two positions of the qualifications and the first three from the Japan race, Play F1 Manager will offer them a Play F1 t-shirt, a t-shirt with an exceptional design, which you can see here.

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  1. Post By GoldStandard

    It is not clear how we enter this competition.

    For Qualification – Do we choose 1 name for first, and 1 name for second?…….
    And the same for the race?…….. If so……. Do we enter these names HERE in the comment box?

    1. Post By Play F1 Manager

      Just like that:
      Quali: Chilton, Bianchi.
      Race: Grosjean, Massa, Hulkenberg.

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