What could happen in 2014

Once again, we are dealing with 22 drivers, 11 teams and 19 races. And several billion Euros invested in what? In madness. Pride, politics, pressures, espionage and we still continue to like Formula 1. What is wrong with ourselves?

After pre-season tests, we are trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Some teams do not see it yet.

Red Bull.

Many laugh in their sleeves because of the issues they had during tests, but, when they will overcome the challenges, we believe that the Red Bull car will once again be the most competitive and most admired by everyone. Aerodynamics is still crucial in F1, although not as much as in the past. We credit the Red Bull team with at least one victory this year, and the battle within the team will be dominated by Vettel, but we would argue that not as categorical as expected by some.


It is true that things are looking very good for the Germans, and not only for them, but for all teams powered by them. We see at least 3 victories in their repertoire this year, and we believe that the fight between pilots will be one as close as last year, but with a good chance of being dominated by Rosberg. We are expecting them to make the most progress during the year.


Discretion. This is how we could characterize the people at Maranello. Not in a bad way though, but in a good way, in the sense that they are going about their own business and their own plan. We believe that Alonso will be well above Raikkonen during qualifications. How much they will they count in the race economy we cannot know, but, normally, it should mean something, and it also means that Fernando will beat Kimi in the races, as well. At least two wins this year for the Italians.


The team performed badly during tests, and, frankly, we are not enjoying this. We would like to see more and more teams with smaller budgets that manage to come to the front in Formula 1. They have time to do it, because the year is long, or so it seems at the beginning of the season, because it ends quickly. We are arguing that Grosjean will prevail in front of Maldonado.


We are also crediting  them with a victory in this 2014 season. Moreover, we believe that Button will have hard time with Magnussen in particular during qualifications; it is difficult to say what the races will bring, where Jenson’s experience may still come in first.

Force India

Why wouldn’t Nico Hulkenberg and Sergio Perez gain their first victory of their career this year? We think that the fight in the team seems very interesting in this case, and we are not so sure as most analysts that favor Nico Hulkenberg. It remains to be seen. We will surely see on the podium this year the ‘Indian’ team.


Again, we are not seeing an easier season for the very experienced Adrian Sutil together with Esteban Gutierrez. Points yes, even a lot, but nothing more for Sauber in 2014.

Toro Rosso

We expect to see the Russian go to work but we think that at least in the first half of the season he will be put to rout by Jean-Eric Vergne. Some points for the red bulls, a few, and not too many.


We do not know how much we are dealing with reason and how much with desire, but we can see the Williams team win this season, and we are saying that Bottas is very good, but we believe that Felipe Massa will prevail.


Chilton-Bianchi – an interesting battle.


Kobayashi better than Ericsson.

With many dropouts in the first part of the season, there are chances that both laggard teams get (a) point(s).

How many Grand Prix winners will there be this year?
Minimum 5 and maximum 7.

Will there be any pilot to win more than 5 races this year?
No. Certainly not.

Surprise team of the year?
Williams and/or Force India.

Rookie pilot of the year?
Kevin Magnussen.

Letdown of the year?
Raikkonen or Button.

Scandal of the year on the technical side?
Anything related to engine cooling

Total surprise of the year?

The championship won by a ‘small’ team like Williams or Force India, or by Massa or Hulkenberg, or even Magnussen.

Surprise pilot of the year?
Magnussen or Felipe Massa (Rosberg wouldn’t count as a surprise).

Constructor’s world champion?


Pilots’ world champion?

Nico Rosberg.